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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
Mascarpone is an Italian ... what?
Question 2
Baileys is a cream liqueur that debuted in what city on November 26, 1974?
Question 3
Popular in Greece and Turkey, what triangular pastry is filled with nuts and drizzled in honey-lemon syrup?
Question 4
Cognac is a type of which liquor?
Question 5
Focaccia is usually seasoned with herbs and olive oil. What is it?
Question 6
Richard Hellman, a New York deli owner, made his fortune from his wife's recipe for what sandwich essential?
Question 7
Which US state is famous for its lobster rolls?
Question 8
The word "condiment" comes from "condire," the Latin for "to pickle." What condiment fits the bill best?
Question 9
The book "La Cucina Genovese" had the first recipe for pesto, where was it published?
Question 10
Moosehead Breweries are found in what country?
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