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How much do you know about food and beverages?

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Question 1
Which vegetable is used to make sauerkraut?
Question 2
The image you have of this bird is probably the bronze variety, which since the 1960s have been displaced on our Thanksgiving plates. What is it?
Question 3
Which food does Bobby Flay dislike so much that he removed it from his restaurant's menu?
Question 4
What beverage did Galileo call "light held together by water"?
Question 5
What meat from the small end of the beef tenderloin is called the king of steaks because it melts in your mouth?
Question 6
The Red Delicious may have been discovered by Iowa farmer Jesse Hiatt in 1892. What is it?
Question 7
Which nationality does key lime pie belong to?
Question 8
Which American beer features a horseshoe labeled "Good Luck"?
Question 9
Which German city was home to the first large brewing industry?
Question 10
Burgundy and Bordeaux are among the world's greatest wine-making regions. And both are in what country?
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