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Movies Quiz

Question 1
In what movie did Doc Brown live in a home that was actually a Pasadena architectural landmark called the Gamble House?
Question 2
In what country was the 1987 film "The Last Emperor" set?
Question 3
The Decline of the American Empire and its Oscar-winning sequel, The Barbarian Invasions, were filmed in Quebec in what language?
Question 4
What did Wayne Szalinksi use the Electro-Magnetic Shrink Ray for, per the movie title?
Question 5
What film is this line from "I am not an animal! I am a human being"?
Question 6
It turned out he was a bit too busy, but who was asked to play the mayor of the 1885 version of Hill Valley, California, in Back to the Future III?
Question 7
In the 1989 film, whom does Hoke Colburn drive?
Question 8
For the 1971 William Friedkin movie "The French Connection," who won an Oscar playing Popeye Doyle, based on a real-life heroin-stopping cop named Eddie Egan?
Question 9
The movie may have been called "To Catch a Thief," but it was on the set that Grace Kelly caught a husband. Who?
Question 10
What future Beverly Hillbilly was scheduled to play the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, until he had an allergic respiratory reaction to his aluminum makeup?
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