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Who or what am I?

Question 1
What is the dancing fad popularized by Chubby Checker in the 1960's?
Question 2
I was the astronaut on the Apollo 11 mission who didn't get to walk on the Moon, who am I?
Question 3
I'm a superhero who's blind and was played by Ben Affleck in a movie. Who am I?
Question 4
Bob Fosse is known for being which one of the following?
Question 5
My last film role before death was as the planet Unicron in "Transformers: The Movie", who am I?
Question 6
I'm a video game hero who wields the Master Sword and rescues Princess Zelda. Who am I?
Question 7
What is the eighth month of the year?
Question 8
What is the study of word origins called?
Question 9
Who was killed by the Vice President of the United States in 1804?
Question 10
I'm an actor who starred in "Oblivion" and "Edge of Tomorrow". Who am I?
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