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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?

Question 1
Jarabe tapatio means "Guadalajara syrup," but it's also the name of what dance, which shares its name with an item of Hispanic apparel?
Question 2
Who wrote James Taylor's hit "You've Got a Friend"?
Question 3
Who is a founder of two of Canada's most successful high-technology startups?
Question 4
What was the title of the first Buffalo Springfield album?
Question 5
Which American brothers were pioneers in air travel?
Question 6
Which 1960s game involved removing sticks but not allowing marbles to drop?
Question 7
What's the geological feature carved out by the Colorado River in Arizona?
Question 8
Which among these types of footwear is the heaviest?
Question 9
Meat Loaf often ends concerts with "Hot Patootie," his song from what cult musical?
Question 10
Spencer Cavendish, the Eighth Duke of Devonshire, led three different politics parties and three times passed on becoming what country's prime minister?
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