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Very hard geography quiz, can you get more than 5 correct?

Question 1
The Bonneville Salt Flats are a remnant of Lake Bonneville, which covered the western third of what state some 15,000 years ago?
Question 2
How did EPCOT get its name?
Question 3
Trafalgar Square is known for having lots of what type of animal?
Question 4
What vast country in Eastern Asia has the world's largest population?
Question 5
In which city would you find the Empire State Building?
Question 6
In which country is the nationalist movement the Taliban based?
Question 7
What sea of the Atlantic Ocean surrounds Jamaica, Aruba and the Cayman Islands?
Question 8
What was the currency of France before the Euro?
Question 9
What does the New York Museum MOMA stand for?
Question 10
What was the first artificial Earth satellite, launched by the Soviet Union in 1957?
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